A Jamberry Day.

I was invited out to a Jamberry Nail party last week and although I was excited to find out more about Jamberry it was a great excuse to get out of the city!  


My sister in law lives an hour out of Melbourne at the end of dirt road. Her home is surrounded by bush and rolling hills, and after spending a bit of time out there over the years I have begun to see why she loves it so much. The community she has around her is different to what I have ever had in the city and what I think is lacking in our modern day world.  People living in segregated little boxes, 2 adults carrying the workload of what was once shared by a village.

I am lucky I have 2 Grandmas living near and who both do so much for us every week, I cannot imagine what it would be like to not have this support. Actually I can imagine it and I think it is this isolation that leads to such a high rate of depression and divorce in our society….Anyway, I am getting off the topic here, I can’t help but get reflective these days.

So After a yummy morning tea we were all introduced to the Jamberry nail wraps and shown how they work. Just like high shine contact for your finger nails, once activated by heat ( a hair dryer ) the wraps mould to your nail and set hard, so easy and fun!


Jamberry nail wrap black and gold- To find out more about how you can organise your own Jamberry nail party or order some for Christmas contact Ingridsquirrell.jamberry.com

There is just something nice about getting a group of women together to chat and indulge in some frivolous self-adornment and I was pleasantly surprised that these little suckers don’t come off!  So I ordered 4 sheets of them, perfect stocking fillers for little fingers. Little girls nails are so bendy that nail polish chips straight off, which is disappointing when you manage to get a child to sit still that long! Jamberry’s will last longer than a week.

After the addition of my special new nails and a yummy lunch little button and I took a wander around the hills……


Looking for Kookaburras….aria4

& Fairies.aria ingrids

I took a moment to soak up the nature that surrounded us. The warm hum of the birds and insects echoed against the silence of the bush that stretched as far as the eye can see.